Dubabuse gigs this autumn




Cool and Deadly Reggae Night

Szaszor Posse, Young Pistols meets Dubabuse, Daddy Bozo, Yabcok, and Roots Melody Sound System.
25 September 2015 – Retro Relax Pub, Pabianice, Poland

We Shall Overcome – Dubabuse Sunday Session

Bugsy Wan, Miss Chop, Sir Troyan, Mick Hurst, and Positive Radio.
Sunday 4th October 2015 at Sound, 52 Duke Street, Liverpool L1 5AA

Young Pistols and Dubabuse presents Weeding Dub and Miss Chop

6th November 2015 at Wicar’s Pub, Piotra Skargi 18A, Wroclaw, Poland